Electrical Insulation Materials

Yongxing is a leading China manufacturer of insulation sheets, rods, tubes in various grades and sizes, and also can perform custom fabrication and secondary machining and fabrication to better qualify these products to your specific needs.

Our insulation sheets are made out of thermosetting resins including Silicone, Phenolic, Melamine, and Epoxy. Those base materials to create Laminated Sheets include glass fabric, cellulose paper, or cotton fabric.

These various substrates are impregnated with resins, and then pressed under heat and high pressure. This process produces a dense homogeneous material, that is easy to tap, saw, drill, and machine.

Yongxing offers quality insulation rods that are dense, structurally resistant, and insulating. Each rod is carefully crafted with thermo-setting resins including Epoxy, Silicone, or Phenolic. These powerful resins are integrated with stable base materials such as cotton, fiberglass cloth, and paper.

Laminated rods are made to exceed the standards of our customers in a diverse range of applications.

Yongxing supplies insulation tubes that are made of thermosetting resins (Phenolic, Silicone, Epoxy, or Melamine) combined with various base materials such as cellulose paper, woven cotton cloth, or glass cloth.

Our insulation tubes are easy to saw, drill, tap, thread, and punch with ordinary tools. This kind of material has excellent electrical insulating qualities. It’s lighter, more economical, and more durable than metal in many instances.

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