Phenolic laminate sheets have high mechanical strength, excellent moisture resistance, and heat resistance. It has very good electrical properties. For this reason, it’s easy to process. Phenolic sheets are widely used in electrical products. So, what are the Grades of the phenolic board? And How is it classified?

  • Phenolic Cotton Cloth laminate Sheet

Phenolic laminated cloth board is made of cotton cloth impregnated with phenolic resin. The heat resistance grade is E Grade.

The processing performance of phenolic cloth board is better than that of phenolic paper board and Fiberglass cloth laminate board. And its adhesive strength and impact strength are higher. However, it has high water absorption and electrical insulation after moisture absorption. It is easy to grow mold and is not suitable for use in hot and humid areas. Therefore, it is generally used as insulation structural parts of low-voltage motors and appliances, such as washers, slot wedges, and screws.

  • Phenolic Cotton Cloth laminate Sheet(Fine Cloth)

Phenolic cotton cloth laminate (fine cloth) is made of special cotton cloth impregnated with modified phenolic resin by hot pressing. With high mechanical properties, it is suitable for running and anti-vibration parts in mechanical equipment. Impact resistance, wear resistance, sound absorption, low friction. It is very suitable as High-load and Wear-resistant Parts, Running in harsh, High-wear, and High-dust environments, and Resistant to weathering and seawater.

  • Phenolic paper laminate Sheet

The phenolic laminated paper board can withstand sawing, drilling, turning, milling, planing, and other processing. There should be no cracks and slag after processing. We can make the thickness less than 3mm with punching processing. The cold punching type does not require heating. General models need to be processed. And punch after preheating. Respectively used for high and low-voltage electrical appliances and insulation parts in the electronics industry.

NOTE: Different types of PHENOLIC SHEET have Different Technical Parameters.